The Hidden Benefit Of Cart Abandonment Emails

E-commerce websites are certainly one of the most common websites nowadays. Almost every single person today visits an e-commerce website for one reason or the other. If you want to buy anything today then E-commerce websites are the way to go. This is because you can easily search through the inventory of the store without moving a muscle.

According to research, out of all the visitors who come to an e-commerce website, 70% of them tend to abandon their carts. There is no specific reason to why they do this, instead it is a collection of many reasons that force the customer to leave their cart. The customer might have had a change of heart or even go scared because of the payment methods. It is things like this that cause the person to leave their carts.

Due to this attitude of the customers, many online stores are unable to reach their targets. However, it would be wrong to completely blame the customers. Retailers are also at fault as they do not test their business from the customer’s point of view. Due to this reason, many retailers are unaware of the flaws of their store.

Hidden Benefits

Up till now, everything about shopping cart abandonment seems to be detrimental for business. However, it is not all bad as there are some hidden benefits that come with shopping cart abandonment that can help your online store.

  • Monitored Emails
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Contact customer directly


1.      Monitored Emails

As mentioned earlier, many of the people today tend to leave their shopping carts. However, in order to get those customers back all you need to do is contact them are solve their problems. This is where cart recovery emails come in handy. With the help of these emails customers can receive answers to their questions, easily recover their carts and proceed to the checkout.

A recent study in PrestaShop online stores found that up to 50% of abandoned carts, equivalent to 50% of sales lost every month. That really a huge number!

Is there any solution to solve this problem?

Web developers have come up with many solutions, but the most effective is the PrestaShop Abandoned Cart, a module with 4 types of shopping cart reminders: via email, popup, highlight bar, notification. The customer is accompanied by the offer with the discount code when they fails to complete their order.

What are you waiting for? Do not miss the great opportunity to enhance the sales of your online store, you will really be surprised.

However, in order to make the most of these recovery emails it is important make sure that the emails are monitored. Each and every email must be read by a human and the feedback must be passed on to the rest of the people so that things can be made better. One way to increase popularity is to send out recovery emails from a real person’s name instead of the company name.

In addition, regarding email to customers, you can also refer to Presta Shop Mailchimp – one of the free PrestaShop modules that can help you easily send marketing campaigns, automatically follow up with customers after a purchase, recommend Product demos, and recovery of abandoned carts via email. This is really a useful module that you should retrofit your PrestaShop store, and it’s totally free!

2.      Toll-Free Numbers

Sending recovery emails is very important if you want your customers to return. However, when you send out a recovery email to your client then it is very important to make sure that the customer has some way to contact you. For this, the best approach is to include a toll-free number that your customer can use to contact you.

Many customers simply abandon their carts because they do not receive compelling answers for their questions. So if your customer has a convenient way to contact your company then there is a high chance that they will return to your store. Also make sure that you note down and document all of the customer’s responses so that you are able to address all of those issues.

3.      Contact customer directly

When you talk about convenient ways of communication then you cannot miss out live chat boxes. With the help of these programs customers are easily able to contact your company representatives and ask their desired questions. One of the best things about live chat boxes is that they help the customers get immediate answers to their questions and that is why helps them come back and click on that buy button.

Do you know that frequent and direct communication with customers is very important and indispensable in e-commerce. This can build trust with your customers and increase your benefit ò your PrestaShop store.
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Let ‘s improve your relationship with your customers now!



These were some of the most amazing hidden benefits of cart abandonment. Many retailers think that if a customer abandons their cart then it is not a good sign. For the most part it is not something that is good for your business, however, you can use these customers to your advantage and make your business better.