About Titticimmino

If Gauss were alive today, it would be a hacker! (P. Sarnak)

I’m a Mathematician, long life learner, joyful listener to the sound of one only hand.

I live life with the same spirit with which work: with spontaneity, with intelligence, with joy and gratitude.

I am a professor of Mathematics, e-Learning Consultant, SemanticWeb addicted, Open Data Linked supporter.

I am responsible for the Campania Region CIIM – UMI (Italian Commission for Teaching Mathematics – Italian Mathematical Union) and trainer for INVALSI

I am currently engaged in the following projects :

Community Director -Italy- InnovaHub ( innocrowding group )

Staff Area Member of the RotaryEMentoring project

E-Learning Manager of the Training Institute In.Fo.Giò accredited Campania Region

Previously I was busy with

Project Manager LMS MOODLE at the DIS of the University of Naples “Federico II”

IWT Ontologies and ESV at the DIIMA of the University of Salerno


tc at tticimmino dot com
ticimmino at gmail dot com