Prestashop Captcha Add-ons

Building a website from scratch is not child’s play, instead a lot of effort, research and knowledge is required to create the perfect website. No matter how good and useful your website is, there is always a threat of spammers. If your website encourages people to sign in or subscribe to your website then there is a very high chance that you will get many unauthentic subscriptions, these subscriptions are largely done by bots.

However, this is not a big thing to worry about as there is a way to easily block these spammers, with the help of a solid captcha add-on the users will have to authenticate themselves and therefore you will be free of spammers.

Everything About Captcha

PrestaShop CAPTCHA is undoubtedly a useful Prestashop add-on and that is why many people are using it on their website. Below you will find some useful information about the Captcha add-on.

Important Features

Some of the most important features of captcha are as follows:

  • 1 click installation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Google reCAPTCHA supported
  • Enable captcha on Prestashop contact forms, registration forms or both
  • Four difficulty levels


First and foremost, captcha modules are able to provide a lot of protection to your website. With the help of captcha protection you are able to make sure that every bit of information that you collect from your website is a 100% unique and authentic. Captcha is a very high quality module and it makes sure that your website is protected from auto-fill web robots or hackers.

Captcha modules can be easily implemented on the website’s registrations forms, contact forms or any other place that you seem fit. With this amazing module your website is very secure.

Simple Installation And Usage

Installing this PrestaShop module 1.7 today has become very simple in many places. If you were installing a free captcha module before then you might know the horrors of the process. Before when you needed to install a captcha module on your website then you were required to integrate everything manually with the help of coding.

However, you will be relieved to know that all of that has changed over the years and you no longer need to know the basics of coding in order to install a simple module. Nowadays anyone can install captcha as it is a one click process. If you prefer to use Google reCaptcha then all you need to do is enter your Google API key and nothing else. You can even enable captcha for contact forms or registration forms.

Google reCaptcha Support

PrestaShop CAPTCHA is one of the best modules that you can use in order to protect your websites from spammers or hackers. If you use captcha in its original state then it will be very useful as default PHP image library is fully capable of handling security. However, if you are still worried about the safety of your website then you can easily integrate your captcha module with Google reCaptcha.

This is a very popular captcha solution as it allows the module to use Google images and protocols in order to secure the website from spammers. All you need to do is enter your Google API key in the module and all is done.


These were some of the most important things that you should know about Prestashop captcha module. If you are struggling with website security and are continuously attacked by spammers and hackers then captcha is the way to go. With the help of this module you can make sure that your website is free of spammers. There are many advantages of captcha and they are very useful given the circumstances.


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