Open Data: I did not understand anything. Is Italian zeitgeist ignorant?

The people say that when alms are generous, the people are distrustful.

And here’s what to worry about. The alms that abound in Italy are a meme: open date. A mystification, a dissemination of information not based on the precious knowledge of facts, intentional dissemination – is the concrete risk of dragging Italy into a dangerous position.

Other than open date! We go with an order, trying a synthesis.

A few years back twisted Alberto Cottica’s Twitter tweets, with which they were spitting for open data, which was actually just public data. Then, it is known that matter was interesting and appetizing, birds cannot write but pass syntactic laws according to a group of scholars led by Kentaro Abe. That’s why the situation has begun to emerge in the right direction: spread the knowledge of the date and specification open. It had already shaped the Open Knowledge Foundation Italia initiative it.okfn, thanks to the foresight of Steko– to Stefano Costa in the century, alongside the open-date intervention in the government supported – not by the government, for the time being – by the group Hence, the rules to be observed even for the chirping, or at least so it seemed. Is spaghettiopendata born , from a series of increasingly frequent exchanges in a mailing list dedicated to the open date theme, on Alberto Cottica’s idea and what happens? Here we go again! They start to enter the list of data on data still open for open, even published in pdf! Being registered at the mailing list then I must point out the necessity, for correctness of information, before respecting the dissemination of these, to clarify within the same list to each of us whoopen date NOT EQUAL TO public data . With the same amount of solariums that could not be counted among the open data those published in pdf that were considered by the team spaghettiopendata as open. In that case they saved the stars of Sir Tim Berners Lee for the classification of public data into categories that included that of the Linked Open Data the most brilliant, with 5 stars, for the very least. I do not think I miss the shot if I interpret that classification not as a static point of arrival, but only a dynamic and trustworthy starting point in exploring publicdata but not openup to data released in Linked Open Data format. So Excel data, in pdf, are listed, though among the least brilliant, but only to then open “open” those public data and link them. Conversely, what do we do? We call them Open data and chissene! Spaghetti has continued to indicate as open date, spread data in Excel format! He has been polished to the first who by miracle have jumped, for their shimmer in the highest category, … ” and return to see the stars.”

In addition to the damage, the mockery! And yes, because recently “appearance” was the case of Enel , which Napo has already written in the century Maurizio Napolitano: in this case the damage comes up for legal issues regarding the type of license with which the data are released, Contrary to what is stated on the site, the data is definitely not open. Napo’s article goes into detail, so for my part I am overwhelmed by the question.

And it is not over! Yesterday there was a chirping on pensions and similia by Dario Pagnoni that of those rules mentioned at the beginning of this post did not want to know: normal! For every rule, there is the transgression of the same. Symmetry issues, even in ugliness – not just in beauty. Other public data published in strict Excel format, sold as Open Data.

I lost patience! Hence the post you are patiently reading and whose internal links refer to the most technical motivations that lie to my reliefs in these rows listed below: I told you, I lost patience. But do we really seriously, or really ignorance, understood as a lack of knowledge, begins to make sovereign and INDISTURABLE ? The title of the post is clear: strong message, definitely provocative. No offense, no one.

But now some consideration on the difference between transparency and open date citing who, beyond the boot is ahead of us and has more ideas .. clear. Recently, in New Zealand, the Minister of Finance, together with the Minister of Internal Affairs, officially released the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government and new Information Management Principles .This initiative is worthy of note and I would like to see a clear contradiction with open-date policy in other countries committed to Open Data Linked Open Data. While other policies have laid the foundations of open openness to the one of transparency or democracy, that of New Zealand puts as the founding element from which to begin concretely the need for the economic value that the open date release brings with it. The cardinal principle is the economic value: this is the most important, it is at least preceded by the two others playing a secondary role as well as that of the prevalent value of citizen participation in democracy. Recently The United Kingdom is movingon high-impact data, expressing the willingness (?) to “open” also the data that is open for now and are not of economic value they have to sell (think geodata). According to Tim McNamara of, from them in New Zealand, transparency and accountability have always been preceded by the economy in the scale that moves government management: New Zealand is considered to be the country’s least corrupt to the world . The issue would be more subtle, but we would say that appealing to transparency to set the open date machine open would not fly, it would be less persuasive in the economy of changing the status quo, compared with the release of data that is not yet available to increase economically the country.

We take the sums: in Italy as it is submerged, in the economic sense, we can not complain. “Country of dishonesty” is often felt to be repeated and the facts of politics in recent years do not deny the affirmation “and above all without guarantees of transparency at a widespread and shared level. Therefore, the active participation of the citizen in the life of the country and the transparency are cogent, very sensitive and High, Most High Value: it was nothing but the sustainability of Ethics and Morality for young generations to whom we are delivering “Italy” dishonest “and” bunga bunga “,” veline “and … ignorant. What is the Italian zeitgeist?

But from here to confusing the Open Data, LInked Open Data with simply public data wants it.

Let’s stay the memories : Open Data and Linked Open Data are not, they do not have to be! And let’s stand up, ranking and similar: we are honest please! Let’s talk about transparency, correctness, accountability, and then first disown the literal meaning (and also that side) of the terms?

The world runs only ignorantly , Baudelaire asserted. Do we show the opposite?

There is ignorance from illiteracy and ignorance by doctors. 
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

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