Let ‘s research why re-platform is important for your site!

To survive in the online world, modern day businesses have to remain updated with modern technology and trends.  However, this is easier said than done particularly for the websites and applications that are complex. The best example of this complexity is an E-commerce website.

Replatforming is a process through which an E-commerce website moves or shifts from one platform to another platform.  It’s a kind of a process which can cause serious fear in the heart of any E-commerce manager and web developer. The process can be smooth and easy, if right strategies are made and applied.

The Importance of Replatforming

Replatforming can be very important sometimes and it is not something that can be easily ignored. In the headings below we have shared some of the reasons which prove that replatforming is something that cannot be taken easy.

1. The failing of the Legal Systems

In the initial days of E-commerce there were several companies that rolled out the bespoke platforms. This was the time when off the shelf solutions did not perform that well.  However, as time has passed these bespoke systems have become expensive to update and at the same are very complicated as well.

2. Features

The point is that you need to get new features added in a way that is efficient.  There are many cases where the older platforms simply failed when it came to scaling with the demands of the expanding businesses.  There is no doubt in the fact that the modern platforms are more future proof.

3. A New Start

It is better that you start from the scratch. Beginning from the blank sheet of paper is more advantageous since there are high chances that your business objectives and aims may have changed.

4. Outsourcing

Shifting from an in-house development state to a fully managed platform could be a reason to shift in itself. The process reduces long-term complexity and cost.

5. Integration

The E-commerce platforms have to integrate with a number of sophisticated and complex partners. There are numerous platforms nowadays that have these capabilities in the form of plugins. The presence of plugins does away with the need of cost development work each time. Yes, the replatforming will need an upfront cash injection; the long-term return of investment shall be considerable as compared to what was available before, not to mention the functionality and the additional features that shall be available.

The Key Things to Consider

Before going for a replatforming strategy there are a number of key things that need to be considered. These things have been mentioned in the paragraphs below.

1. The Cost

Just because you spent 20k 10 years ago for your new website, do not think you have to pay the same amount today.  Moreover, you need to ensure that your particular project is fully costed right from the start. If you are someone who prefers a hosted option then be ready as there will be some ongoing costs as well. It is recommended that you should opt for a fixed price solution.

2. Detailed Specification

You need to come up with a specification that is detailed. You need to do your homework before you actually start your negotiations with the supplier. You need to be absolutely clear in your mind with regards to what you really require from your new website.  See to it that the company, with which you work, utilizes wire frames!

3. Functionality

You have to be absolutely clear about what functionality comes as the part and parcel of the platform. Similarly, you have to know what needs to be added on.

4. Internal processes

There are cases where it is better to modify your processes as per the new platform rather than searching for a platform which is compatible with your internal processes. This is a chance to sit back and watch how the business functions and how it can be improved.  It is preferred that you should do this now.

5. Assistance

The majority of the platforms are off the shelf; hence you will always require support even if you think that you can plan the development work on your own or via an agency. You need to see what kind of services will you get early on and what services you will receive on an ongoing basis. It is not a bad option to talk with other clients and get suitable references.

6. Investigation

From open sources to Saas options to bespoke build, there are many options that are available at your disposal. You need to consider all the available options to find the best fit.

How to do replatforming?

Well, there are several modules that are available in the market however the best modules are those of Prestashop. The names of some of these popular modules are Upgrade module, WooCommerce to Prestashop Migrator and Prestashop Migrator.

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