1. What is short definition about CMS?

CMS is Content management system, it’s using for creating or modifying a digital content

  1. In your experience, which platform do you want to use for ecommerce website?

In my opinion, Prestashop is the best, it provides everything an ecommerce website need: Products, categories, order, cart rule, shipping, payment, sales report, …

  1. I’m not IT guy, which platform should I use to create a blog website?

If you don’t know much about technical, you still can manage your website easily via wordpress. It’s easy to use

  1. What difference between responsive and mobile template?

Both of them are using for making website more friendly on mobile.

Mobile template is a separate template that you need to build from scratch. For 1 website you need 1 template for desktop and 1 template for mobile.

Responsive template that means 1 template for both desktop and mobile, but on mobile, some elements will be hide or change to make it looks nice on mobile

  1. I want to purchase a domain name, but I don’t know it’s used or not, how can I check?

You can search on this site: https://www.name.com , it’s showing suggestion for similar domains as well

  1. What is simple way to discriminate between difference of hosting and domain?

In a simple way, if website is a house, hosting is the land where you build your house and domain is the address of your house that people can use to come your house