An Insight into CMS

Importance of a website

Today we live in a world which is tech Savy and there are predictions that many contemporary businesses will go online in coming years. Under such a situation it is very necessary for you as a business person to focus on your online presence.

Social media is a key factor nowadays when it comes to virtual marketing however even for that you need a strong base and that strong base is your website. No matter how brilliant may be your product or service, the first interaction which a customer will have with you is through your website. The first impression is the last impression hence website is something which cannot be taken lightly.

Advantages of a website

There are many advantages which a website provides you. Some of these advantages have been stated in the points below

  • The biggest advantage which a website has over other promotional mediums is expense. As compared to a television ad, a website is a much cheaper promotional medium with high effectiveness
  • A website is more conducive for advertising and there are several effective ways through which you can advertise yourself through your webpage
  • A website is more convenient for your customers provided you have online buying facility in it
  • A website has high accessibility. Day and night people can review your page and even make a purchase.
  • Nowadays there are many types of software through which you can actually monitor your page. You can know how many people visited your page and in which area lies your target audience
  • You can foster much better relationship with your clients provided you have a nice website. You can talk to them through your online chat facility too or install a blog module such as Prestashop BLOG (if your website is based on Prestashop e-commerce software) on your website and submit daily useful posts to give useful information to your customers

To make a professional website you have many options that are available to you. Generally the two most popular options are CMS and HTML. In the headings below we will discuss these two programs and see what they have to offer.

What is CMS?

CMS basically stands for content management system. It is more of a software application which is utilized for the management and development of digital content. There are many E-commerce CMS platforms that are worthing to use, we can choose to build a web design or app. The software basically allows you to edit, create, publish and manage content via a graphical user interface. The application is very much similar in nature to the Facebook app which you utilize for the publishing of you status etc.


Advantages of CMS

There are several advantages which CMS offer; some of the major ones are as follows

  • The application provides you easier and faster page management
  • The brand and navigation via CMS is consistent
  • The content management gets facilitated via a workflow process which is integrated in nature
  • The content can be easily manipulated and there is no chance of the design getting changed
  • The data needs to be changed only once and it will automatically get updated throughout your site
  • Shared resources can be accessed by the website managers

What is HTML?

HTML basically refers to Hypertext Markup Language. The language is primarily utilized for the creation of different web applications and webpages.  The language utilizes several tags for the making of a webpage hence it can also be termed as a tag based language.

The HTML tags are encompassed by an angular bracket. The HTML has the ability to utilize a wide range of layouts, colors and objects. The Language is ideal for those who are in the beginning phase of their web designing learning process.

Advantages of HTML

Some of the common advantages which are associated with HTML are as follows

  • The majority of available browser support HTML
  • The language is fairly easy to utilize as well as learn
  • No need to purchase software since the language is already there in the windows.

CMS is far better than HTML!

Yes both CMS and HTML have their own set of advantages however it is recommended that you should Utilize CMS instead of HTML. Though using CMS will require a theme or design made via PHP or CSS however still there is a huge difference between CMS websites and HTML only webpages.

For business webpage HTML is not suitable reason being that usually business website exceeds 2 pages which is too much to handle for HTML. Secondly updating the HTML website requires serious technical knowledge which everyone does not possess.

On the other hand CMS has all the tools that are necessary for the creation of applications and webpages which are large and have several pages.  Some major reasons why CMS is better than HTML are as follows

  • CMS as a software is very simple to setup as well as to install. The majority of webpages today have One-Click-install tools through which you can easily get CMS installed
  • You do not need to be an expert in technical programming for the running of CMS. The interface of CMS is so simple and versatile that any tom, dick or harry can use it with ease
  • The third thing which makes CMS dominant over HTML is the fact that the software can support multiple utilizers with ease.



Yes both HTML and CMS have their own offerings and features however if we compare the two software head to head then we come to the conclusion that CMS is far better than HTML. As a business person it is highly preferable that you should utilize CMS for your webpage.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to use it. All you need to do is to make a little effort. There are many credible tutorials available on the internet which you can consult for knowing more about this software.

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